Didn't Fall Far From The Tree Tshirt
Curly Q's Counter LLC was founded by me, Ang Disney, in July 2013. CQC started in my Arizona home 6 months after my first son was born. I knew I wanted my guy to wear some cute gear, but felt the market for baby boy's clothes was lacking. Big box stores were disappointing each time I would browse the boys section. To fill this void, I began creating clothing I wanted him to wear. I introduced my designs on Instagram and Etsy that summer and they instantly (and thankfully!) took off.
Now a mama of three, my children and daily 'mom life' are my inspiration each time I hit the drawing board. I strive to create clothes for kids + moms that provide comfort as well as style. To read more on our company and personal story, click here. I am so happy you stopped by and am truly grateful for all of the support shown to my brand over the last four and a half years!