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Let me start off by saying every birth and way of bringing a child into this world is beautiful. That includes everything from surrogacy, to adopting, and everything in between. There’s no right way or wrong way to have a baby.

April is C-Section Awareness Month. Some may wonder, "why do we even need awareness for this?" It is many layers deep, and very raw and very real for those of us who’ve been through this.

In my own personal experience, I’ve read several articles and threads over the years where it was discussed about how having a CS is ‘the easy way out’ and not a real child birthing experience. Let’s end that negative stigma and support each other. Having 2 sections and a VBAC, I can tell you that neither is a walk in the park. As mothers, we are AMAZING! Our bodies are incredible 👏🏻💪🏻

The next part of the “awareness” topic is self consciousness. Your body will not look the same after a CS. Many of us that have had one (or several) know all about the “shelf” afterward. This is not something that we have control over. The shelf (more often than not) is not easily remedied - no matter what kind of diet/exercise you push yourself to do. I remember feeling really defeated after my first 6 years ago when regardless of how many crunches I did, this pooch wouldn’t go away. I’m really not one to shy away from the fact and reality that I was unhappy after seeing this. It wasn’t pretty. Even years later, it’s not something that is aesthetically appealing, but to me, it’s now a sign of beauty. 

Last, and probably the biggest piece of the ‘awareness’ about c-sections to me, is knowing it's okay to ask for help. Speak up! You are not alone, and it doesn’t make you weak to ask/need help. I never realized how much physical support I would really need after recovery (but I mean, why would I? I had no prior knowledge, nor did I even think a CS was in the cards for my son's birth). I am so used to being on the go it felt uncomfortable to ask for help with simple tasks.
You are STRONG and I know that those who love you will want to help you whether it’s physically or mentally. Do not be afraid to reach out if/when you need it while you recover. 

I hope you guys love these shirts as much as I do! They are (of course) for the month of April, but I encourage you to wear them proudly months after and hopefully it sparks the conversation to raise awareness of what C-Sections are about and how we can support one another.



Professionally screen printed in Arizona. Printed on a unisex ash colored t-shirt with our custom WARRIOR glitter ink, see size chart. Runs true for women if you like a looser/comfy fit (after much testing we recommend women selecting their normal size for a comfortable, relaxed fit!) Dress up or down!

    Colors may appear darker or lighter on your computer screen depending upon your computer settings. Graphic size & colors will vary according to size of shirt, variations may vary slightly from the pictures. Since each image is handmade, the exact position and placement may vary slightly. As with all cotton shirts, some shrinkage after washing should be expected.


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