Rainbow Baby On Board [White Crewneck]



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|||Rainbow Baby On Board|||

For any mama carrying their sweet and special rainbow baby. Inspired by my journey (written in November 2016):

I knew I wanted to have my third and last baby shortly after having #2. Because I have some fertility & pre-term labor issues, I wanted to avoid further complications and try to move along as quick and smooth as possible. I went on Clomid in the spring per my doctors instructions and was elated when it worked after two rounds. I had just told my family and was over the moon with excitement and already had many plans for this new little Disney joining our fam. He or she would be here by February 2017.

Our baby was growing and developing great. The heartbeat was strong, and everything right on track each time I went in (which was frequently due to the fact I was being monitored closely after an infection and getting pretty sick). We kept hearing, ‘don’t worry! baby is perfect!' At almost 11 weeks pregnant, suddenly things weren’t so perfect. I lost my baby that I had hoped and dreamed about. The last piece of my family's puzzle, and my two boys’ newest sibling. Everything was out of my control. My dreams were shattered. Taken back was an understatement, as this was completely out of the blue after each confirmation I would receive saying the baby was doing great. My doctor was confused, but promised to try to find out what happened.

Through my grief, struggles, and dark clouds being lifted, I was inspired to create our newest item for mama’s who have a rainbow baby on board. Talking to others who have experienced this type of loss has been a huge part of my healing. I know I’m not alone..and I know that these mamas who have been through this type of pain deserve to have something special for themselves. Something to save to remember this pregnancy after the storm. I know this subject can be so taboo, and it shouldn’t be. While I have gone through so many emotions the last few months, my compassion for others has grown. My appreciation for life has expanded. Even though this was the absolute, hands down, hardest thing I have EVER been through, this experience has changed me for the better. 

Professionally screen printed in Arizona. 
Size chart in photos. 

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